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No one likes calling a wrong number or even worse putting an address into your GPS to find yourself in an empty parking lot or at the wrong business. Having Inaccurate business listings or lack thereof often leads to confusion and missed opportunities for your business. We have the solutions to help you make sure your customer’s do not experience this when trying to find you. Our solutions make it easy to create and correct all inaccurate business listings, leading to increased website traffic and higher ranking within the top search engines like Google.


We will run a detailed audit of your businesses online listings using the data you provide to us about your business to search for all listings associated with your business. This will allow us to also see where your business information is accurate, found with errors or missing altogether. Your listings report will provide us with your unique roadmap to use to build a consistent online presence for your business.


Our team will use the information you provide to your dedicated Digital Media Specialist to you to ensure your business information is accurate and optimized across the web, this includes your company bio, contact information, hours, services, products, offerings, etc. Google loves photos and videos that help tell the story of your business and lets the public see what makes you unique. We will work with you to ensure the data that is representing your business on the web is accurate and enhanced by checking with you for special/holiday hours, updated photos and updated videos on a regular basis.


Our team will work to ensure your listing information stays accurate by continuously monitoring your listings, on average a small businesses information could be changed as often at 61 times a year by outside third-party sources. When you have a team of dedicated specialists working to ensure you businesses data stays accurate you have more time to focus on what you do best, running your business. We also will work to remove all duplicate listings for your business, unlike the day of print directories online is more exact and the more variations of your business information that is on the web the less credibility your business has with Google. When it comes to online listings consistency is key! We will work to ensure your data stays as you intended online giving your business preference with Google Search.

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