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Target Direct Mobile Advertising

Did you know that we spend the majority of our smartphone time within apps? Think about it, do you search the web on your phone to check the weather, or do you have an app that readily provides that information? Apply that same logic to local news, sports, shopping, and so much more.

Through Summit Media Solutions’ proven technology, your ad will display within a specified distance of whatever location you choose, whether it’s your own place of business, a landmark, or even a particular zip code. Targeting starts at a 5-mile radius and then expands outward based on your specifications.

Time your ads to appear! If you’re a business like a restaurant or a spa and you’re looking to drive traffic at a particular time of day, Summit Media Solutions can run your ad only during the time of day that you specify. Get exposure to potential customers – at the right time, and in the right location.

Our mobile targeted display advertising solutions allows you to:

  • Unlock up to 100 billion+ mobile impressions per month
  • Display ads up to 37,500 times on the most popular apps
  • Display mobile banners within a specific radius
  • Receive a monthly proof-of-performance report showing how your ad has performed

It’s incredibly easy to set up an ad for your business. Are you ready? Summit Media Solutions will handle every step of your campaign, from design to reporting.

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