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70% of consumers’ buying behavior

70% of consumers’ buying behavior is dependent on online reviews

Your rating affects your revenue

A one star difference in the average rating on an online business profile can lead to a 5-9% difference in revenue

70% of complaining customers

70% of complaining customers will do business with you again if you resolve the complaint in their favor

Managing Online Reviews

Star Reviews

One of the most vital aspects of managing any online reputation is getting, monitoring, responding to and amplifying online reviews. It takes years to build a great business reputation and seconds to tarnish it. Did you know that Google shows relevant reviews as part of your listing? Yikes, hope it’s good! Yelp filters their reviews on quality, reliability and user activity. You don’t need to know all of this! Our team is educated on the best review practices and can help guide your business through this challenging area of business. We have several options from full-service solutions to D-I-Y.

Part of the struggle of the internet today is that it is impossible to manually monitor all of the different sites to know what customers are saying. They define businesses by providing real time feedback on review sites, social media, forums and other channels. Never miss a new review again. Our user friendly platform allows you to have the best exposure to your online reviews.  Get alerted the moment new reviews are discovered, and respond to the reviews all in one simple dashboard.

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