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If you have a small business, SEO in KC should be your primary way of obtaining new customers. While SEO in KC is affordable, it also gives you a motivator to improve and add content to your website. Of course, you will want to do SEO in a way that doesn’t penalize your website or attract irrelevant traffic.

Are guest posts still useful in SEO?

It is still instrumental but should be practiced with caution. A guest post is only posting a blog article on another website with a link back to your site. It may be optimized further with keywords, a title, and anchor text.

Just like any form of link building, guest posting is discouraged by Google. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out there and collaborate with other bloggers or media outlets.

It should be noted that selling backlinks for money is banned by Google, whether you are buying or selling. There have been sites de-indexed for doing paid guest post schemes.

Are NoFollow links useless for SEO?

NoFollow links are simply a tag embedded into HTML code for links. This tells Google crawlers that you don’t want them to follow that link from your website, and it's usually respected. DoFollow links are highly desired since it allows for indexing of one’s website.

When you have DoFollow links from relevant and high-authority websites, this sways Google’s algorithm into believing that your page must be relevant. Assuming that there is nothing abusive going on, this will increase the chance of ranking for specific keywords.

It isn't recommended to build a vast bulk of backlinks as Google sees this as trying to game the system. A page with a large number of links may be penalized manually or automatically. If you need to audit your backlink profile, you should hire a company that is proficient at SEO in KC.

Does the length of the article matter for SEO?

Aside from keywords and being on-topic, the length plays a significant role in how an article gets ranked nowadays. If you take a look at high-ranking articles for competitive keywords, it wouldn't be surprising if it were up to 4,000 words in length.

The word count isn’t the only influencer when creating SEO content. The article must be well researched, include reputable sources, and have plenty of images or videos. In general, you just want to write a higher quality article.

Your content must also fulfill a user’s intent. This usually means answering a question, whether it is direct or not. Google has monitors when users bounce back from a page as one of their indicators that their question wasn’t answered.

Keywords are important when creating long-form content, but it isn’t everything. Spamming several keywords in one article won’t fool Google as people have been doing that for years. Instead, it may be better to incorporate some natural long-tail keywords.

SEO is an affordable and powerful marketing tool for local businesses. On the other hand, it can turn sour if the wrong person handles it. If you would like to improve your rankings with our white hat services, give us a call today!

When is Outsourcing SEO a Good Idea?

Every small, medium and large business owner or executive should consider hiring a marketing expert to handle their SEO campaign- there's simply no easier or more affordable way to experience growth in sales and improvement in branding. If you're still performing SEO on your own or wasting valuable in-house resources, Summit Media Solutions Inc has a better option- reach out to our team of marketing specialists to see how cost-effective search engine optimization can be in the right hands.

What Makes us the Best Choice For Marketing Services?

In a word: commitment. We're committed to helping you achieve your goals in a shorter time frame than would otherwise be possible, especially if you're still doing SEO alone. As a full-service marketing agency serving all business sectors, we can fast-track your next campaign so you'll start to see big things happen in your bottom line. If you're tired of hearing promises but not seeing results, we invite you to give us a call to see why we are different from other SEO companies you may have worked within the past.

Summit Media Solutions Inc has the right marketing strategy for your business; we're ready and able to put a plan into action that will generate new leads and interest in your products or services.

Seo Kc

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